Monday, November 9, 2009

Standing your ground on oil

It appears that you can find supportive evidence on pretty much any position with regards to healthy or unhealthy oils. For example:

Olive Oil is probabaly one of the worst things you could fry something in. Of course, you said you baked it...but, even then, olive oil should never be truly cooked. It gives off free radicals by the cupfull. Of course, Canola is worse...rapeseed...a relative of castor beans...poisonous as well as free radicals...very bad, or soy oil...even polyunsaturates, either...baaaad, bad, bad! I've been told that sesame oil, or sunflower oil are much more stable for cooking

Olive pomace oil and virgin olive oil are both highly monounsaturated oils and therefore resistant to oxidation and hydrogenation. Studies have shown oxidation and hydrogenation occurs to a lesser degree in olive oil than in other oils.  But in any case, the amount of hydrogenation is miniscule and no home cook would ever experience this problem.
I have been reading a lot of stuff on oils... personally I am no longer cooking with Olive Oil... but then I get to cook with freshly expressed home-made sunflower or peanut oil. There are some charts in earlier posts that compare various aspects of different oils.

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