Thursday, December 24, 2009


A few things going-on on the farm... The chickens have settled into their winter schedule; we're getting 1 or 2 eggs per day ( instead of 7-9), they have learned that they can go inside when it rains and then they don't get wet!

I have been shopping for a motor for my oil press... It's not cheap as it actually takes quite a lot of force to crank the thing. I have learned a lot about electric motors and how can be used.

Why do I want a motor... well my arm is tired!... We sold 10 bottles of oil this week and we have a local store that wants to start selling it in the new year. I have been trying to build up enough inventory that they can have a decent number on their shelves but we are selling it as fast as I can make it. The current innovation is that the press is now setup where I can see the TV so Rebecca and I can watch together in the evening while I press oil.

We had a big Christmas dinner last night; turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and potatoes... The potatoes and the celery in the stuffing came from the yard 

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